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The band is also playing in a different place of the house.

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The singer is a waiter at a restaurant where he is well known. He is shown walking and singing in an alley. The other pool boy gives her the letter written by the singer. As the woman reads the letter made for her, she looks displeased and worried. There's another man that wants the woman and the father approves of this. The singer is seen walking to the woman's house but is disappointed to see the woman with the other man.

He leaves and walks down the same alley, where he was before, when a car pulls up and friends greet him and he gets in. The song ends, but shows that it is to be continued.

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Traducción de "dime que quieres" en inglés

Tito El Bambino has a cameo in this music video and is also a friend to the singer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources.

Dime Lo Que Quieres De Mi - Arcangel Ft Yandel (Audio Oficial)

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√ Testo | Testi canzoni | Dime Lo Que Quieres Que Haga - Chayanne su Rockol

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El fiscal replicó: And the judge replied, " What did they teach you? Some might think t ha t the l ar ger a coin is, the more valuable it is-so a penny or nickel would be more valuable t han a dime. Ella, pens an d o que É l e ra el jardinero, le dijo: Cuando señ al o , dime lo que p o dr ía decir. When I point, t el l me what I co ul d say. Llorando le decía: I cried,. Stick to what you believe and what you mean.

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